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Hi I'm Orrin, I'm a fully qualified personal trainer and have a degree in sports health and exercise science. 

Why I like Personal Training:
I will enjoy changing your lifestyle and hitting goals we set out for you to achieve. I'll create specific tailored training plans to suit you, as well as looking into nutrition and behaviour change to hit your goals.


What can I offer you:
I can offer you a massive  chance for you to change your lifestyle and become a better version of yourself. Through a free consultation we will organise 1:1 personal training and offer advice in all needs of health and fitness.


I specialise in strength and conditioning, as well as fat loss, general fitness and conditioning. I will commit to making a noticeable change and get you on the right path from the moment you start.

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Hi, I'm Aram and I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer at Oliver Joseph Fitness.

I specialise in weight loss, strength and conditioning and sport specific training. 

Exercise is a huge part of my life. In the past I've completed a marathon, hike Everest base camp and more recently cycled across Europe from London to Athens.

You can find me training most days in the gym, so if you have any questions or need any advice on your training then I'm always available for a chat.


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Hi I’m Ashley and I'm one of the Personal Trainers and class instructors here at Oliver Joseph Axminster.

I specialise in weight loss, strength and conditioning and strengthening the core.


I've been training for many years now, and in my free time I like to play tennis, watch sports, walk the dog and game. You can find me training most days in the gym, so if you need any advice don't hesitate to come over for a chat. 

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Hi my name is Jem. I live and breathe the gym. Incredibly passionate about everything I do. 

On my day off you will find me having quality time with my daughter and with my dog in the countryside, or at powerlifting/strongman competitions with my friends. 

I'm a level 3 Personal Trainer at Oliver Joseph Fitness. I am also a class instructor and will help you believe that strong is the new fit. 

My main hobby is strength training. I've competed in two local and one national level strongwoman competitions and I'm looking to get even stronger.

I started strength training in 2021 and I am a big believer in woman empowerment and would love to help you get started.

Being overweight in the past, I have completely turned my life around. So feel free to ask any questions, always happy to help.

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Hi my name is Sam.

I'm an apprentice at Oliver Joseph Fitness. 

I used to come to the gym a few days a week but soon got into fitness. I've trained at the gym since it first opened and learnt a lot in my time here.

Feel free to drop by anytime and ask me any questions about the gym as I am more than happy to help. 

In my free time I like to work out, watch Formula One and spend time with my friends. 

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